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PIONEER Announces the EVR750 with the ForceFlex Hook

Posted on July 12th, 2012

Spring Hill, TN – PIONEER DOCK EQUIPMENT announces the launch of its “EVR750 with the “ForceFlex” Hook

The EVR750, featuring the “ForceFlex” hook design, eliminates a common occurrence in the truck restraint industry.

Pioneer’s Vice President of Sales & Marketing, Dan Jones, said, “During the loading and unloading process the trailer and it’s R.I.G. (Rear Impact Guard) may creep forward putting pressure on the hook and creating a binding effect between the hook and the RIG. Most of the time, the motor in the restraint is not powerful enough to overcome the friction between the hook and the RIG. The situation necessitates telling the truck driver to back up and relieve the pressure allowing the motor to retract the hook. All truck restraint manufacturers experience this situation and all offer the same solution, back up. More and more customers are resistant to having their dock employees walk out to the truck and give instructions to the driver therefore Pioneer has developed the perfect solution, the EVR750 with the ForceFlex hook.”

Jones also noted that the ForceFlex hook design offers superior holding strength yet will allow the truck to depart when the release button is pressed no matter the amount of pressure on the R.I.G. Never again will the dock worker need to ask the driver to back up in order to release the restraint.

PIONEER provides a full line of dock levelers, truck restraints, seals, shelters, dock/warehouse safety equipment, high speed roll up doors and related dock equipment. More information is available on the PIONEER website ( Contact Customer Service at 1.800.251.3382 or contact your local PIONEER dealer.

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