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ThermoGuard UnderSeal

Posted on February 27th, 2012

Spring Hill, TN – PIONEER DOCK EQUIPMENT announces the launch of its “ThermoGuard UnderSeal”.

The ThermoGuard UnderSeal is designed to block the space under pit levelers where dust and debris can collect and heating and cooling can escape.  It can also be used to deter unwanted insects and small animals from entering a facility.  The ThermoGuard is designed to fit almost any leveler on the market today.

Pioneer’s Vice President of Sales & Marketing, Dan Jones, said, “The need to have an under leveler seal has become a necessity in the industry.  With the rising cost of heating and cooling, we feel that the “ThermoGuard UnderSeal” is the solution for helping companies become more energy efficient.  The ThermoGuard also helps improve productivity by maintaining a more comfortable and healthy work environment for employees.”

PIONEER provides a full line of dock levelers, truck restraints, seals, shelters, dock/warehouse safety equipment, high speed roll up doors and related dock equipment.  More information is available on the PIONEER website (  Contact Customer Service at 1.800.251.3382 or contact your local PIONEER dealer.

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